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Tobi Bakre: Growth Is A Process | EP 25

Tobi Bakre: Growth Is A Process | EP 25

In this episode of #SwitchOnWithAdaora, I speak with Tobi Bakre - Actor, Model, Host, Compere, Artist, and Photographer. We discuss everything from Multipotentiality to Character Building, Setting Boundaries, Learning & Growth.


  • [4:30] Tobi, 2018 Big Brother Nigeria Housemate, speaks about his game plan going into the show.

  • [7:00] “One of the life lessons I’ve learnt is that sometimes, I don’t have the answers: I look for people with bigger minds whose judgements I can trust. That was my strategy before entering the house.”

  • [15:46] “I’m in a space where I’m thinking about having a family… My goals for the next 3, 4 years are outlined; I want to have my own thing”

  • [20:31] “After coming out of the house, I started exploring different things, and a lot of people warned me to focus, master and be known for one thing… I decided I was going to risk it and explore many things because I felt alive doing that”

  • [31:47] “Looking back to where I came from if I had remained where I was, the best that would have happened - which would have been magical, would be getting promoted in two years as a Banker. I’d choose my present life over again.”

  • [43:47] “One mantra I live by is to always be good to people; being good has a domino effect.”

  • [45:00] “I’ve shown up at engagements thinking “I’ve got this, I don’t need to prepare or rehearse”, and then I’d show up and get burnt. I’ve learnt to always do my homework across acting, hosting and everything else I do.”

  • [52:27] Tobi shares his third tip for productivity; #ChopLifeGang and how he unwinds, relaxes to get back to work stronger and better.

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