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How to Stop Feeling Drained | EP 28

How to Stop Feeling Drained | EP 28

Are you continuously using phrases like I am exhausted, I am tired, I'm drained while there are many reasons why you may be feeling drained it may be excessive work, a tough relationship, the lethargy that comes with poor health it could be anything to be honest, not being yourself can be an underrated cause of exhaustion.

In this episode, I share some tips you can put to practice to help you be more excited, pumped and joyfully about life.

Show Note

  • [1:13] Be honest about your feelings and desires with people and situations.

  • [2:25] Let go of judgement; people judging you, and you judging others.

  • [3:47] Understand and communicate your values, to stop feeling triggered.

  • [5:16] Create a support system for your mental health that works for you.

  • [6:24] Your intuition is like seeing with your soul, everything doesn’t have to be black or white.

  • [8:00] Allow yourself evolve, unlearn and grow, and communicating these changes to your friends.

  • [10:39] Let go of your self-righteousness and unhealthy expectations you have for yourself

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Switch On with Adaora Lumina
Welcome to the Switch On Podcast! My name is Adaora Lumina Mbelu, Bright Light, Purpose driver and Your Number 1 Purpose & Productivity Coach. Each week, you will learn how to own your mind and body, and make it work for you on your life’s journey. I want to show you that while you may not always have control over external forces, you can create your own pathway to fulfilling your God given mission. And it all starts with your Mind.