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How to Handle Co-Parenting | EP 31

How to Handle Co-Parenting | EP 31

When you go through a separation or divorce, they tell you in the court to make your child the primary focus in decision making. I also said this in my video about handling divorce. However, it’s really hard to raise a healthy child, if either parent is unhealthy. There’s so much pressure on the parent that’s the primary caregiver - insane pressure to always be on “best behaviour”.

So today, if you’re a co-parent that is watching this, I’m going to share 8 ways you can help the parent who is the primary caregiver.

Show Note:

  • [0:45] How to get rid of the assumption that you can take care of your child(ren) better than the co-parent who is the primary caregiver.

  • [2:12] How to manage financial contributions as a co-parent.

  • [3:52] How to manoeuvre communication with your child(ren) about the co-parent.

  • [5:26] Solving challenges concerning your child(ren) with your co-parent without caring who gets the credit.

  • [6:59] Navigating the mistakes of your co-parent.

  • [8:23] Managing the expectations you have of your co-parent.

  • [9:47] How to be considerate towards your co-parent.

  • [11:42] How to respect boundaries and manage communication with your co-parent.

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