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How to Deal with Self Doubt | EP 23

How to Deal with Self Doubt | EP 23

In this episode of the #SwitchOnWithAdaora, I speak with Tolulope Oludapo, Founder of LifeGiva Consult, about identifying and overcoming self-doubt, on your journey to self-mastery and greatness.

Often, when people worry about not finding their purpose or using their gifts, it’s more about Self-doubt than ignorance. You’re always one step away from a totally different life; you are your only limit. Self-doubt makes you question your abilities and holds you back from who you’re meant to be.

In this episode, you will find How to handle the crippling effect of Self Doubt.


  • [3:51] Self-doubt often shows up when you invalidate your talents by comparing yourself to others, or not receiving the accolades or applause you thought you would from your parents, friends or the world.

  • [13:26] Self-doubt directly affects your perception of the value of your skills and offerings and your ability to monetize them.

  • [17:25] Seeing the value in other people, it’s a complete life shift; the law of attraction; if you don’t see value in others, or consistently underrate others, it would be the same for you.

  • [18:02] A compliment is another form of currency that can eliminate self-doubt.

  • [20:04] Acknowledging that it is there, is the first way to get over self-doubt, be true to yourself.

  • [22:37] Reminding yourself of the greatness within you by looking back at your past results and journey.

  • [23:42] Overcoming your fear of failure.

  • [30:18] Focusing on the message and the people that it’s for; making it more about others and the people that it’s for than you.

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