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How To Become A Better Speaker | EP 17

How To Become A Better Speaker | EP 17

Every day people around the world stand in front of some audience to speak. Chances are, you find yourself having to convince someone about an idea that you have. Or you may need to motivate someone to go out and do something. Or you may want to advocate for cause, or sell your product, or inspire a group of people. Public speaking is an important part of your purpose journey. Many people have the ability to speak, but very few have the ability to communicate clearly. Communication skills are crucial for personal and professional success, and improving this area is one of the greatest benefits of public speaking. Communication is an art. Public speaking is an art too. On this episode, I’m going to share some steps to becoming a better public speaker, so you can go on to tell your story and make amazing impact in the world.


This 12 minutes Podcast is filled with practical hacks to speak like a Pro.

  • [0:55] Many people have the ability to speak, but not many people communicate; communication is an art, public speaking is an art too.

  • [1:31] Begin with some fun things about yourself to break the ice and reduce the tension.

  • [2:01] Speaking to people is about connection and humanity.

  • [2:34] Focus on the message and not the verbiage or the words to use.

  • [2:50] Do not equate intellectual ability to complex grammar.

  • [3:33] Tell personal stories that emphasize your experience and understanding of the subject matter.

  • [4:18] You do not have to infuse humour; find your strengths and build upon them.

  • [5:21] Pause if you have to; you came to speak, not rap.

  • [5:57} Take your time and focus on your message; it reduces your umms and ahhs and allows you to think and communicate effectively.

  • [6:29] Be charismatic and make eye contact; confidence is everything and it makes people listen to you.

  • [7:17] Watch your body language; do not slouch and keep your chin up.

  • [7:23] Do not be vague; use convincing language to communicate your expertise, confidence and understanding.

  • [8:05] Do not focus too much on your audience’s reaction.

  • [8:13] Do not make assumptions about your audience’s reaction; focus on your delivery.

  • [9:08] Be honest about everything.

  • [9:32] It is okay to not have answers to everyone; you can refer them to a person or resource.

  • [10:14] Speaking is responsibility; you have to make sure you are giving the right information.

  • [10:32] Personalize your experience.

  • [10:48] Anxiety is normal; even the best speakers go through moments of anxiety.

  • [11:07] Public speaking can be improved upon.

  • [11:18] Pat yourself on the back at the end.

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Welcome to the Switch On Podcast! My name is Adaora Lumina Mbelu, Bright Light, Purpose driver and Your Number 1 Purpose & Productivity Coach. Each week, you will learn how to own your mind and body, and make it work for you on your life’s journey. I want to show you that while you may not always have control over external forces, you can create your own pathway to fulfilling your God given mission. And it all starts with your Mind.