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Get Out Of That Box | Jimmy "PJ" Odukoya | EP 33

Get Out Of That Box | Jimmy "PJ" Odukoya | EP 33

In this episode of the #SwitchOnPodcast, I speak with Jimmy Odukoya aka Pastor J who is the Son of Pastor Taiwo and Late Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya. A Pastor, Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Model, Actor, Image consultant (Style & Image) Conference Speaker, Poet, and Businessman, this Renaissance man does it all.

PJ and I talk about his journey as a multipotentialite, and the lessons he has learned so far. We also discussed the importance of being comfortable with who you have been called to be versus fitting into expectations or narrative others may have of you.

Show Note:

  • [1:32] PJ talks about growing up, academics, and creative expressions

  • [3:47] PJ's journey into music making as side gig

  • [8:09] Your talents are God's gift to you and what you do with them is your gift to God

  • [9:40] If you decide that you are going to do A, B, C you got to do it excellently well

  • [13:19] You have to multitask but you have to be focused else it will all suffer

  • [36:15] You can have passion, but you need to have talent and you need to bring value

  • [49:12] We talked about old music genre and its ability to take you on an emotional journey

  • [52:16] PJ talks about his fitness journey and the lessons like, discipline, resilience, consistency etc he has learned so far

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Welcome to the Switch On Podcast! My name is Adaora Lumina Mbelu, Bright Light, Purpose driver and Your Number 1 Purpose & Productivity Coach. Each week, you will learn how to own your mind and body, and make it work for you on your life’s journey. I want to show you that while you may not always have control over external forces, you can create your own pathway to fulfilling your God given mission. And it all starts with your Mind.