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Denola Grey: Confidence Is A Journey | EP 29

Denola Grey: Confidence Is A Journey | EP 29

On this episode of the #SwitchOnPodcast, I speak with Denola Grey - a Nigerian-born, multimedia freelancer, with a successful career in Acting, Fashion Consultancy, on-air presenting and digital content creation.

Denola and I talk about mindfulness, forgiveness, building confidence, vulnerability, and kindness.

Show Notes

  • [5:47] Mindfulness lies in unlearning a lot of the things that we've learnt over time and learning who you are outside the trauma of growing up.

  • [8:52] Over time, I’ve learnt that my sensitivity is not a weakness, and living in a country like Nigeria, I’m learning how to not take things personally.

  • [16:50] Dealing with Impostor Syndrome, I’ve learnt that confidence is a journey.

  • [18:42] “Every single time I’ve been through a serious meltdown, what comes after it is a newer, improved, more fearless version for me.”

  • [23:40] “Manifestation is not about an end goal; it’s about inviting the feeling that you think that end goal is going to give you into the present

  • [40:04] “I don’t think locally anymore, the world is so small now, with everything digitized. I think globally now.”

  • [42:03] Denola shares his favourite mantra

  • [43:17] Denola discusses how looking good influences his feelings, actions and life.

  • [43:25] “Your inner reality reflects your outside world

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Welcome to the Switch On Podcast! My name is Adaora Lumina Mbelu, Bright Light, Purpose driver and Your Number 1 Purpose & Productivity Coach. Each week, you will learn how to own your mind and body, and make it work for you on your life’s journey. I want to show you that while you may not always have control over external forces, you can create your own pathway to fulfilling your God given mission. And it all starts with your Mind.