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9 Tips to Handle Your Speaker Bookings (The Business Of Speaking) | EP 19

9 Tips to Handle Your Speaker Bookings (The Business Of Speaking) | EP 19

Whether you’re a professional speaker or speaking is a side gig for you, I believe structuring your booking process such that you can focus on the actual delivery, and impact that you’re trying to make with your speech. For you to do this effectively, you need to ensure that you or your team, have a process in place that allows for efficiency and excellence. In the previous episodes, I shared about how to become a better public speaker. I also shared how to manage your public speaking engagements.


On this episode, I share 9 tips to handle your speaker bookings.

  • [1:08] Create a speaker deck containing your bio, what you speak on, past events, rates and any other information you need to communicate to your client.

  • [1:50] Have a booking form to receive information about your audience, logistics and other event details.

  • [2:21] Have a speaking fee for your value.

  • [2:57] Do not be afraid to charge money or you would shortchange yourself.

  • [3:10] Paid Bookings vs unpaid bookings; clearly outline your goals for the year.

  • [3:44] How to determine which bookings ought to be paid or unpaid for and other benefits you could gain asides monetary compensation.

  • [4:52] Invoice properly for your services and keep records over email.

  • [5:04} Include your terms and conditions in your invoice and clarify the intricacies of your speaking engagement.

  • [6:03] Always confirm the details of your logistics.

  • [7:36] Always ask about your target audience; this determines your presentation and other details, down to your appearance.

  • [8:48] Always show up on time.

  • [9:41] Ensure there is constant communication with the event organizers.

  • [10:38] Always ask upfront if you can bring any materials to showcase or sell.

  • [11:55] Always send a Thank You note to the organizers and include feedback on how they can improve.

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