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6 TIPS To Help You Plan Your Speaking Engagements | EP 18

6 TIPS To Help You Plan Your Speaking Engagements | EP 18

In the previous episode, I shared some tips to become better at public speaking. If you’re trying to do this more professionally, amongst the other things you have going on, it becomes important for you to structure and plan out your speaking engagement, to allow you focus on effective delivery. On this episode, I share 6 tips to help you plan your speaking engagement.


  • [0:54] Know your audience; always find out the details and target demography of those you would be speaking to.

  • [1:27] Do not go in blindly; knowing your audience allows you to plan your content and delivery more effectively.

  • [1:43] Talk about what you know about.

  • [1:54] Avoid topics you are not conversant with. However, if it is unavoidable, invest time in researching and learning more.

  • [4:01] Keep track of your time by segmenting your presentation.

  • [5:04] Leave time for questions if required.

  • [5:08] Take time to rehearse and go through your presentation.

  • [5:33] Preparation helps you with your delivery and makes you more comfortable and confident.

  • [5:57} The size of your audience does not matter; speak to 10 people the same way you would speak to 1,000 people.

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